CBLDF preview part II

A couple more cards for the CBLDF Liberty card set.  Jim Valentinos Shadowhawk from Image.  And a Beanworld character from Larry Marder which can be found here.

The latest Cryptozoic blog post  about this card set can be found here.  Give this set a look, there is some top notch talent on board for this set.  Some real legends in the comic book industry.

Support For the Cause

By Will Brinkman

13 Jun 2011

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund defends freedom and extends a helping hand to comic book retailers, creators, publishers, and readers whose first amendment rights are challenged. When comic book artist’s rights are attacked in the US or they encounter problems abroad, the CBLDF is there to make sure their voices are heard. The organization also protects our ability to own those comics because some people are always going to try to dictate what we can buy and whom we can choose to support. Absurd, isn’t it?

We here at Cryptozoic Entertainment have combined forces with the CBLDF to publish the Liberty Trading Card set to do our part as hobbyists and collectors in supporting this cause. So many creative minds have lent their hand in creating this product, and for that we are thankful. In today’s update, we want to show you Neil Gaiman’s autograph cards. He’s been an active supporter of the Fund for years. Busy with his schedule of writing an episode of Doctor Who and celebrating the 10th anniversary of American Gods with a reading tour, Neil was kind enough to donate his time and pen to the Liberty Trading Card set. So, in addition to the combo sketch and autograph cards he Tweeted two weeks ago, a pack of Liberty Trading Cards could contain Gaiman’s autograph—or something maybe a little more. Check out these beauties.

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