“And like that, he’s gone.”

“And like that, he’s gone.” –The Usual Suspects

Part 1 of the mid 90’s design school art show.  This is a real blast from the past.

I’m fresh out of the Army and time in Desert Storm.  So it’s time for some art school in Arizona.  Here are a couple of pieces I did in watercolor class.  I was in watercolor class taught by the great Rusty Walker.  Mr. Walker has serious skills with the paint brush.  Out of all my classes, I regret not latching on to him and getting more knowledge about watercolor out of him.  I was in the mindset at the time that I wanted to do computer design, so I didn’t take the class as serious as I probably should have.  Anyways, here are a couple of pieces done in his class.  Note how on the second piece he suggests I should have included hands.  It was a skeleton right?  Who needs hands when your a skeleton anyway?

Tomorrow I’ll have a couple more art school pieces that aren’t digital.



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