The Toys! The Toys are alive!

“The Toys! The Toys are alive!” – Sid Phillips

San Diego Comic Con 2018 is here.

Last year I was fortunate and was able to do a figure for DKE Toys.  The “Unemployed Trooper” sold out by Friday morning.

Sold Out Unemployed Trooper from 2017

For 2018 I was able to participate again with DKE Toys for San Diego Comic Con.  We went with the Weekend Dad Trooper.  Hand cast and painted, this figure is limited to 25 pieces total and will have a spray painted “slap” sticker that will be on the back of the card.  Only available at the DKE booth.  So head over and get one.

Weekend Trooper DKE


Hand painted stickers for the back of the cards

Also, DKE Toys can be found at all these cool places.

And while your at it, check out the Toy Geeks latest offering, specifically around the 24 minute mark.

And their Instagram is


What do you think?

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