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“like gag me with a spoon”

“like gag me with a spoon” – valley girls

Today is part 2 of the great middle school art show.  So, here is a few still life pieces I did from the early 80’s.

But first, a cool story about middle school betrayal.  It was 7th, maybe 8th grade English class.  We had an oral book report due, turns out me and my friend Wes blew it off.  So we just decided to take the zero and move on.  Well, my last name starts with an A, so I was up first.  I stood up and said I didn’t have a book report ready.  The teacher gave me my zero.  Well, Wes’ last name starts with W, which gave us time to hatch a plan.  In the 6th grade, “the Hobbit” was required reading and Wes thought he could use that to his advantage and do his report on it.  We decided that at the two minute mark I’d give him the signal to wrap it up.  His name gets called, he stands up and starts his report.  I’m watching the time closely, one minute goes by, he’s trucking along gaining momentum.  Two minutes was approaching quickly.  I give him the signal that time was up, and he brushed it off.  Soon three minutes, four minutes, five minutes go by…… I had given up trying to give him the signal now, he was on a roll.  Boom A+ book report in the books. The ultimate betrayal had occurred, and we had ourselves a story for the ages.

So now Wes is a kick-ass real estate agent that lives right around the corner from us.  More info about him can be found here.

Tomorrow, we will fast forward to the mid 90’s and some design school pieces.

“Lorraine, my density has bought me to you.”

Lorraine, my density has bought me to you – George McFly

Flashback to the early 80’s, Parachute Pants, Members Only jackets, Superman II, Return of the Jedi, Swatch Watches, and for me middle school.  Andrew Jackson Middle school to be exact.  Grand Prairie Texas, art class, Ms. Monzingo was my art teacher.  I can’t remember very many of my teachers names without actually looking in yearbooks, but I’ll always remember Ms. Monzingo, one of the coolest teachers on the planet.

Then there’s this.  Middle school art.  Early 80’s stuff here folks.  I stumbled across some of these while moving my mom closer to us.  This is art done when I was 11 and 12, I loved every second of art class, it was always a blast.  Seeing this stuff is pretty neat, I totally forgot about most of these.  Tomorrow I’ll show off a couple more middle school pieces, and let everyone know how the dude that eventually became a lifelong friend completely and totally betrayed me on a middle school book report.

One of my first experiences with block printing.  It’s a numbered edition of 8.

Sitting by the dock of the bay apparently.  Lot’s going on in this one.  And I don’t recall lighthouses being used on lakes very often.

Stages of destruction.  Hey, not bad freehand for a kid right?  Pencil was the medium.