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The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.  – Miller (from Repo Man, 1984)

The first Scarlet Spider was a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal, (Miles Warren). The Jackal created the clone to fight and defeat the original Spider-Man, but since the clone and Peter both shared the same memories, they confused themselves in the battle. The original Peter Parker emerged victorious and the clone was left for dead and dumped into a smoke stack of a factory. He managed to escape and assumed the alias Ben Reilly, a combination of his Uncle’s first name and his Aunt’s maiden name. He wandered around aimlessly for five years before returning to New York City, and found himself once again wanting to be a hero. He fashioned his own costume, and became the Scarlet Spider. He fought alongside his “brother” Spider-Man, and proved himself to be such a great hero, that Spider-Man asked him to watch over the city while he and his wife Mary Jane tried to start a family. When his name was smeared by a second, evil Scarlet Spider, he assumed the identity of Spider-Man, until his death at the hands of Norman Osborn. His body subsequently disintegrated, proving once and for all that he was the clone.

It was revealed by editor Stephen Wacker in Amazing Spider-Man #673 that Kaine will be the latest to take up the Scarlet Spider mantle. Chris Yost is writing the Scarlet Spider series while Ryan Stegman is illustrating. According to Marvel.com, Kaine has moved to Houston as a fugitive to hide from his past crimes. Supporting cast includes Aracely (a 16 year old girl whose life he saved) and Annabelle (a bartender/singer working at the Four Seasons Hotel where he initially lives). Kaine made an appearance in the comic book Point One and debuted in his own series Scarlet Spider on January 11, 2012.

The birth of Kaine

Kaine is the Jackal’s first temporary success at cloning Peter Parker but, due to the flawed cloning process is left deformed and mentally unstable. Kaine is later identified by the Jackal as “Parker 3.0” the implications of this are unknown. The Jackal discards Kaine because the clone starts showing early signs of the degeneration process, and Kaine experiences a strong feeling of rejection similar to that between a father and son. Kaine realizes the partial degeneration also caused a slight amplification of the powers he “inherited” from Peter. Not only has his strength, speed, and agility been copied from the original Peter’s, but he gains a “precognitive sense” that shows him flashes of the future (an amplified version of Peter’s spider-sense). He also possesses a “Mark of Kaine,” a burning touch that he uses to leave eaten away hand prints on his victims’ faces. Though never explicitly stated within the story, in a later interview  former Spider-Man editor/writer Glenn Greenberg revealed that the Mark of Kaine was meant to be another analog of one of Spider-Man’s powers, namely the ability to cling to walls.

As the Scarlet Spider

In addition to having augmented levels of strength, speed, and agility, he has organic webbing and spider stingers,along with the ability to see in the dark, as well as some form of communication with insects and spiders. From his former powers, Kaine appears to still retain the “Mark of Kaine”, using the ability to burn off his beard and most of his hair.After the events of Spider Island, Kaine retains the stealth suit which Peter Parker created at Horizon Labs and used against the Spider-Queen, which allows Kaine to have invisibility to both visual and audio means along with immunity to sonic-based attacks. Kaine is no longer able to use his enhanced Spider-Sense to see future events due to the events of Spider-Island resetting his power levels to around Spider-Man’s level during the events of The Other.  Kaine now lacks any form of Spider-Sense at all and must rely solely on his normal senses and superhuman reflexes to avoid serious injury.

Here are a couple of Scarlet Spider blank covers I painted.  Each is hand painted.  And the image is based off an image by the great Tim Sale’s take on Spiderman, I turned it into an image based off of the new Scarlet Spider design.

Both are currently available.  Drop me a line if you are interested.  As always thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Scarlet Spider #1 Blank Variant cover (after Tim Sale)
Scarlet Spider #1 (of 2) Blank Variant cover (after Tim Sale)