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Welcome to Asgard

“Welcome to Asgard” – Loki

Bravest Warriors 16 Cover C variant I did.

Got a couple of copies.  If you’re interested in one, only 10 bucks shipped in the US while supplies last.  I only have a few of these.

These are 1:15 variants, meaning comic shops had to order 15 copies of the regular covers to be able to order one copy of cover c.

I’ll even sign them for free.

A huge thanks to Boom-Studios for the opportunity.

Bravest Warriors 16 in the box
the Catbug’s free!


Throw a blanket over it

“Throw a blanket over it” – Catbug

January 15th, 2014.  Bravest Warriors issue #16.  Cover C.

Boom!-Studios has given me the pleasure of doing a couple of incentive covers for the Bravest Warriors.

Here’s the first one.  Stay tuned for more over the next few months.

Thanks, Boom!.  You guys are aces.

Coming Soon!
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The Original Cover Art