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CBLDF update

Cryptozoic has released a little more information on the CBLDF Liberty Trading Card set, including a few of the sketch card artists.  It’s a who’s who in the art world for sure.  I’m stoked to be included in this list of participating artists.  Check it out here.

Here are the Beanworld cards I did for this set.


A few of the included names are

Confirmed Sketch Card Artists as of 7/18/2011

Daniel Abarca Aston Roy Cover George Webber Pablo Diaz
Mike Rooth John Haun Jason Adams Kate Glasheen
Ashleigh Popplewell David Day Bianca Thompson Ingrid Hardy
Chris Foreman Adam Talley Tim Levandoski Christian James Thomas
Ian Yoshio Roberts Chris Thorne David Castro Lak Lim
Chad Cicconi Joey Dangerous Jerry Fleming Mickey Clausen
Matt Slay Mark Tannacore Ross Leach Remy Eisu Mokhtar
Kourtis Charalabos Kokkinakis Axilleas Jason Roussel Vince Sunico
Don Pedicini Jr Jason Durden Danielle Soloud George Deep
Gene Espy Eric White David Ryan Victor Julio Rodriguez
Gary Kezele Daniel P. Gorman Rich Molinelli Philip Tan
Don Simpson Peter Kuper Richard Clark Rick Veitch
Erik Larsen Mike Richards Bill Morrison Whilce Portacio
Darick Robertson Brian Koln Neil Gaiman …and more!

New Mavericks floorboards and all my CBLDF cards in one spot

In case you haven’t heard, the Dallas Mavericks have won the 2011 NBA Championship.  To celebrate that, a few new floorboards with the trophy.

And don’t forget about the CBLDF cards due out this summer from Cryptozic.

Read all about it here.  It’s a great cause.  Here are the cards I did for the set.

Stay tuned, there is more coming soon.  Including War of the Worlds cards from Cult-Stuff, and tons of Star Wars stuff for Fan Days in October.

Thanks, Jason