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“Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.”

Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.  – Igor Stravinsky

FanDays went well, we had a great time, met a couple of great artists, and moved a few pieces of art.  My wife and I are both thankful and grateful that people stopped by and purchased art from us to put in their homes.  So thank you to everyone who stopped by our table and took the time to look at the art and comment on it.  A super special thank you to Bill Pulvoski and Spencer Brinkerhoff for the conversation and advice.  We wound up with pieces from both these guys and we can’t wait to get them up in the house.

That being said, I am Star Wars worn out.  I’ve been working on Star Wars pieces for so long that all I can see is Star Wars on everything.  So to break the cycle, I’ve done a couple of Marvel Comics pieces.  Both are on actual comic books that had blank covers.  These are called “sketch variants” and they release these so artists can create their own covers or do quick sketches on them.  Here is a couple I’ve done with quick sketches.

The first one is Ultimate Spiderman #160 also known as the Death of Spiderman.  This one is listed on eBay here.


The second one is Punisher #1, and this one is listed on eBay as well and can be found here.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.  –  Pablo Picasso

A couple of pieces done over the past weekend.  The Venom pieces are based on a cover from Tony Moore from the latest on going Venom series.

Both measure 8.5″x11″

And a couple of Punisher pieces.  One was painted on an actual Punisher #1 comic book.