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It was a retropactum!

“It was a retropactum!” – Mikey Walsh

It’s time to start prepping for San Diego Comic Con 2017.  It’s gonna be crazy expensive this year.  That being said, this is the start of a few sales I’m going to have to fund the trip.  

These are official sketchcards from Star Wars, and for a while I’m offering them up for $40 each plus shipping.  If you don’t see one you want, I have a few blanks laying around as well.  Drop me a note. These shouldn’t last long.  

Each one is hand produced. Using hand cut stencils and Spraypaint. Street art style. 

$40 each. Official stock.  

Questioning anything and everything, to me, is punk rock.  

“Questioning anything and everything, to me, is punk rock.” – Henry Rollins

I have quite a few hand cut covers on eBay currently.  I’ve never offered these this low. Head over and bid on a couple.  I’ve got my eye on a piece of art equipment and I need to raise some funds.

Please head over to my eBay page here and see if there is anything you like.
Here are a few of the offerings.